Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for Tech Support?

No there is not! Sky Wifi offers FREE Tech Support regarding to your service.

Are there monthly Bandwidth usage Caps?

Glad you asked! There are no bandwidth usage caps as compared to Satellite or Cellular data.

Is there Throttling when you reach a certain monthly usage threshold, like Satellite Internet?

Absolutely not. It’s your bandwidth, use it as you wish. We don’t throttle or reduce internet speeds.

How does your internet speed compare to cable and satellite internet?

Our internet speeds are fiber grade, in other words, better than traditional cable internet and  satellite internet.

Is this an Affordable alternative to typical DSL or Cable?

Absolutely! Our cost is less than cable internet service. Stating at $59.99 a month, we are the lowest priced high speed internet service available hands down.

Do I have to bundle my services?

You don’t have to bundle any of your services. You can order just internet service or any combination of Internet, Phone, TV, and Home Security service.

Do you offer free equipment?

Absolutely! We include an Indoor wireless router that will support your entire home.

Does your internet work with online gaming?

YES! Our internet Service works with all gaming consoles with next to zero latency, just as with traditional cable speeds.


Can you use our internet for streaming?

Yes, our Fiber2Air Network is optimized for streaming all of your favorite platforms, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, all of them.

Does your service require a contract?

No, we don’t make you sign a 2 or 3 year contract like the other guys…

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